Fast approaching submission deadline

The closing date for submissions on the Fast-Track Approvals Bill is this Friday, 19 April 2024.

This week a submission response worked on at UDF will be sent to Parliament highlighting major points of concern about the Bill as currently framed, including the lack of transparency it represents and potential removal of critical checks and balances. The submission will also highlight the risk of short-term and local economic outcomes being prioritised over broader outcomes and the country’s ability to respond to the challenges of our time such as the long-term horizon for climate change, natural hazard resilience and biodiversity.

The completed UDF submission will be loaded to the Submissions resource page.

Individual submissions by UDF members are encouraged and these can be made at The Parliament submission page includes links to the full content of the bill and a legislative statement, as well as guidance on how to make a submission.

For reference the NZPI submission is available to view here and the submission by NZILA here.

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