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2018 NZILA Firth Conference

city tāone

  • 11/04/2018 - 13/04/2018
  • Author: Melanie - Host
  • Number of views: 509
2018 NZILA Firth Conference

Join NZILA to present fresh perspectives, champion opportunities, and spotlight design solutions that will enhance the urban landscape: whether your city is by the water, or in the shadow of a mountain or volcano; surrounded by pristine landscapes or steeped in centuries of human history.

The 2018 NZILA Firth conference will focus on water and ecologies; culture and community; spaces and places; and movement as we seek to define the elements that are necessary, possible and inspirational for our cities today, and in the future.

Collaboration and multi-disciplinary teams provide the rich multi-faceted experiences that are the hallmark of successful urban environments. We welcome your unique contribution as we explore the creative thinking and innovative solutions that will not simply provide practical civic and public infrastructure, but also inspire urban dwellers and visitors now and for years to come and create civic places people love.



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