Build to rent, sustainable, low carbon communities

On 19 October 2021 NZGBC and UDF co-sponsored this event moderated by Meredith Dale, NZGBC Future Thinker and Urban Strategist

Build to rent is increasingly tabled as one solution to New Zealand’s housing crisis. This is more than a numbers game. Listen back to this webinar, part of Auckland Climate Festival 2021, led by Meredith Dale of The Urban Advisory and NZGBC’s Future Thinker of the Year with industry leaders discussing BTR as a housing model and the opportunity to shape Aotearoa; responding to our housing crisis, climate change targets, and supporting healthy communities. Can the BTR model be an urban development shift-change toward more sustainable urban neighbourhoods?

Liam McRoberts, Registered Architect
Lisa Mein, Senior Urban Designer
Jade Kake, Architectural & Urban Designer
Max Harris, Writer, legal researcher
Matt Heal, Property Director, New Ground Capital

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