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A Christchurch Conversation with Dr. Antwi Akom

Creating equitable neighbourhoods

  • 11/11/2019 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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A Christchurch Conversation with Dr. Antwi Akom
In this Christchurch Conversation, Dr Antwi Akom will explain what designing for equity looks like in the 21st century. How planning and design can break down social inequalities and increase participation, and the role technology plays. 

Everyone would like to see Christchurch as a city of opportunity for all.  A place that represents us and in which everyone can belong. 

Planners, designers and policy-makers often set ambitious goals when it comes to  the built environment. However city-making can be fairly silent on diversity, fairness and inclusion. What does it take to create great spaces and places with everyone involved - from large scale plans to small activities? 
In this Christchurch Conversation, Professor Antwi Akom explains how cities are commonly planned and designed in ways that can reproduce and exaccerbate social inequities based on race, gender, wealth, ability and culture. He will address some key questions:
-What does designing for equity look like in the 21st century? 
-How can planning and design break down social inequalities and increase participation? 
-What role can technology play in data and decision-making to improve the built environment for the most vulnerable members of our communities? 
Everyone has a role to play in city-making. Dr Antwi’s discussion will inspire us to work together to create opportunities that reimagine and design better  neighbourhoods for everyone. 
The Christchurch Conversations Programme is presented by Christchurch City Council in partnership with Te Pūtahi – Christchurch centre for architecture and city-making. This event is presented in association with the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects. We acknowledge the support of Boffa Miskell in bringing Dr Akom to New Zealand.
Dr. Antwi Akom has an extensive background in building collaborative, community-facing technology projects and new models of urban innovation that help cities become smarter, more equitable, just and sustainable. 
Dr Akom is a Distinguished Professor and the Founding Director of The Social Innovation Lab - the first joint research lab between the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF Medical School) and San Francisco State University. Prior to joining UCSF in 2016, Dr. Akom co-founded Streetwyze;a technology and human centred design firm which supports equitable community development. His forthcoming book will be published by Routledge Press and is called Re-imagining Smart Cities: Place-Making and the Power of Innovation. 

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