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Ready, load, fire: 10 proposals for joined-up urban design

  • 19 June 2018
  • Author: Stephen Olsen
  • Number of views: 3629
At the same time as Phil Twyford is sitting down with Government officials to nut out how to operationalise the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development he also has two sets of proposals on better frameworks for urban design to add to the mix. 

As added to the UDF blog this week the organisers of Urbanism New Zealand 2018 have released five proposals based off the back of a post-conference workshop of 22 delegates. The proposals seek:

Move made to put urban design on Government’s agenda

Media Release: Urbanism New Zealand 2018

  • 14 June 2018
  • Author: Stephen Olsen
  • Number of views: 3679
Last month’s national Urbanism New Zealand conference – the first event of its type and size since 2005 – has given rise to a statement paper calling for the establishment of a national urban design committee.
Conference spokesperson Gerald Blunt says the purpose of the committee would be to help shape a “national programme of making better places through design”.
Blunt says a post-conference workshop took what was learnt at the Urbanism New Zealand event, attended by more than 200 people, and distilled that into the main problems that have been produced by poor planning and urban management over many years in New Zealand.
“Collectively the workshop delegates believe that New Zealand’s ability to develop resilient towns and cities, to a world-leading standard, is dependent on good urban design to generate positive effects for the natural environment, the economy and public health.”

An Urban Design Conversation with Tamara Bozovic

Auckland same same but different? insights from a North American Study Tour

  • 14 June 2018
  • Author: Duncan Ecob
  • Number of views: 2734
An Urban Design Conversation with Tamara Bozovic
An excellent, informative and entertaining DIY study tour of North American cities exploring how they have addressed the issues that Auckland is facing both now and in the near future, as it continues to grow and prosper. Tamara was focused on the manner in which these cities have succeeded in shifting the travel modes towards walking, cycling and public transport and how this contributes to their ‘liveability’ . She posed the question of whilst they may be similar issues, are the cities the same as Auckland, can we learn from how they have addressed and to some part succeeded or are we too different?



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