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UDF's Submission on the Draft Auckland Plan

  • 17 April 2018
  • Author: Graeme Scott
  • Number of views: 162
UDF's Submission on the Draft Auckland Plan
28 March 2018

The Urban Design Forum supports the main thrust of the Plan, particularly the ongoing commitment to compact, efficient and well-designed patterns of growth and development.

We further support the integration of economic and social issues into the Auckland Plan, but note the danger in this holistic approach is that the Plan loses focus on the spatial and physical aspects of planning.  It seems that, in part, the Plan is merely documenting current spatial initiatives rather than setting a clear strategic direction for implementation in the post-Unitary Plan era.

So the first main question is:  What is the big idea driving Auckland into the future?

Working well, cities are engines of economic prosperity

Auckland is not the ‘engine of prosperity’ it should be

  • 10 August 2017
  • Author: Graeme Scott
  • Number of views: 1115
Working well, cities are engines of economic prosperity
Last week’s result of the study by NZIER into the cost of Auckland’s traffic congestion brings into focus the economic impact of choices we make about the physical form of our city.  It is good to see the congestion issue now being framed as limiting the productivity of the city, rather than as just an inconvenience to be tolerated as the price of living in Auckland.

Auckland’s productivity is low when we compare ourselves to other cities that, at least on the surface, look and feel a bit like us – Sydney, Melbourne and Vancouver for example.  This affects our standard of living and reduces the amount of money available to implement public works that could make Auckland much more liveable.




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