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Timely reminder about 'urban agenda'

  • 8 May 2018
  • Author: Stephen Olsen
  • Number of views: 3289
Timely reminder about 'urban agenda'
A column published in April on Stuff by urban writer Jane McArthur served a timely reminder that 'the times they are a-changing' under changes in policy direction being set by the new coalition government. 

McArthur, an Auckland University graduate now engaged in postdoctoral research in urban governance with University College London, highlights the raft of new agenda items being set in motion under the Labour coalition while using the phrase "somewhat dysfunctional" to describe the relationship between the last National-led government and local authorities, particularly Auckland. 

In her syndicated opinion piece from The Conversation, McArthur urges the current government to set its sights beyond land use planning and growth management and to embrace the likes of the New Urban Agenda agreed upon at the Habitat IIIcities conference in Ecuador in 2016 (read more here).

This is a timely reminder that policies should cater for all urban areas, not just urban cities, and that we need all the innovative and inclusive approaches to policy we can get to solve new challenges. It's especially time given the upcoming Urbanism New Zealand conference and is a good piece to read with the work of Jonathan F. P. Rose and his milestone book The Well-Tempered City in mind.  here: 

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