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Auckland's Midtown Bus Route

Victoria Street Linear Park

  • 1 May 2017
  • Author: Duncan Ecob
  • Number of views: 2305
Auckland's Midtown Bus Route
UDF recently responded to the AT consultation on the Mid Town Bus Route which has three options for the routes. 

The UDF response, below, calls for the retention of Victoria Street Linear park as one of the 2012 City Centre Masterplans Transformational Projects, and option 2 met this more clearly than the others.  Others have written about the Linear park most notably Generation Zero and Greater Auckland
and The Stuff

Sources tell us that over 1600 responses supported option 2.  We look forward to seeing the full response from AT in the very near future

As a central focus to the City Centre Masterplan, the concept of the Victoria Street Linear Park must be a significant element in deciding on the Midtown Bus route. The importance of the Linear Park to the burgeoning city centre as a place to do business, live, learn and play, for all ages from 8-80 must not be compromised. Only Option Two accommodates the concept of the Linear Park successfully.
Good urban design, as promoted by the Urban Design Forum, recognises the challenegs that need to be addressed and balanced in complex urban environments with a focus on high quality urban environemnts which are people focused. Linking Victoria and Albert Parks with an iconic public realm, the Linear Park will be one of the most important statements that the City can make about its citizens
         He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
        It is the people, it is the people, it is the people
The Linear Park will be a real and tangible declaration that Auckland takes the Te Aranga Principles of the Design Manual both seriously and as an embedded approach to all development that the Council is responsible for. Such a stament will have wide reaching effects well beyond the City Centre.
The Linear Park will bring significant value and benefits to the City Centre in many ways . It will provide economic opportunities to businesses in the immediate area through the 'sense of place' it will bring and provide the physical and mental health benefits to the new residents that the centre is attracting.  As an iconic walking experience it will also contribute to addressing air and water quality and by creating a good walking environment will attract more people which in turn benefits the businesses of the area.
We urge you to make the Linear Park the number one priority in deciding on the Midtown Bus Route.
There are other details I can pick up on such making all junctions more pedestrian focus (e.g. Oxford Circus London ) that all the bus facilities need to be safe, secure, accessible (ability, age and senses) plus informative and entertaining

and then specific detail e.g. as the Wellesley / Sale Street junction, the stretch between Hobson / Albert  / Queen Sts and the opportuity to join into the laneways system re Federal St and Elliot Street.

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Duncan Ecob

Duncan EcobDuncan Ecob

Company: Isthmus

Core Discipline: Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture

Qualifications: MA Urban Design, DipLA, BA(Hons)LA

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Full biography

Company: Isthmus

Core Discipline: Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture

Qualifications: MA Urban Design, DipLA, BA(Hons)LA

Experienced Principal with a demonstrated history of working in the the urban design industry. Skilled in design and delivery for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning, Feasibility Studies and Design Guidelines. Strong education professional with a MA focused in Urban Design from University of Westminster.

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12/07/2017 8:39 AM

Nice article.

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