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Will Thresher muses on transport and other issues

  • 4 April 2017
  • Author: Will Thresher
  • Number of views: 1071
Will Thresher muses on transport and other issues
A few things that caught my interest over the last week or so. 
Bob Dey provided a heads up on the OECD’s state of the (environmental) nation review 
Having teased with this summary comment on the Urban Planning findings:
•         “broadening the scope of the national policy statement on urban development capacity to encourage good urban design outcomes & principles for sustainable urban development, …”
I was compelled to take a closer look at the document itself. The report discussions dense v. compact … and infrastructure ... (and urban planning a little bit).
It says: The review also looks at New Zealand’s fast-growing cities and suggests that a simpler urban planning system, less restrictive land-use regulations and better co-ordination between land, transport and infrastructure planning could help ease the pressure.
All of which made me curious - how were we doing with recent transport and infrastructure and planning - transport infrastructure in particular? 
A clutch of Transportblog stories helped enlighten me. 
On the subject of motorway infrastructure the Waterview tunnels shortly come into service however news that they will need light controls was a surprise , while perhaps the opportunity missed to provide continuous busways along SH16 was more predictable. Having said that, the urgent need for unanticipated SH20 widenings and local road improvements is another cause for at least mild astonishment - comments about the basis of running cost comparisons also make interesting reading. 
Miscalculations appear not to be limited to Auckland with Tauranga’s TEL provoking different questions.
On the enthusiastic adoption of (public) transport infrastructures (once provided) Auckland February public transport ridership is increasing beyond an average 200,000 bus and 70,000 rail boardings per day . How has your Mad March been?
What have we learned? Thinking about SH16 it has to be a concern if public transport connections are not optimised or created when transport links are at the planning stage. Looking at you NCI  and you EWL .
Good news that the need for a City Centre-Airport transit connection is 
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